Fonts of Public Figures

The project of “Fonts of Public Figures” was aimed at creation of computer fonts of the public figures in accordance with their manuscripts maintaned at National Center of Manuscripts. Kordzadze Law Office engaged in this project and with its financial support the fonts of ten public figures.


Competition “Georgian Calligraphy”

It has been two years since Kordzadze Law Office has been involved in the project of National Center of Manuscripts  - “Georgian Calligraphy” and has awarded the representatives of ethnical minorities with symbolic awards.  

In 2015 the Head of Kordzadze law Office Zviad Kordzadze awarded one of the finalists the Abkhazian teacher Luiza Jinjolia with monetary award

Restoration of Vani Gospel cover

Kordzadze Law Office is the financial supporter of the restoration of Vani Gospel cover rewrited under the order of the Queen Tamar. The restoration is made at the restoration-conservation laboratory of National Center of manuscripts.


Let’s Take Care of Manuscripts Together

Kordzadze Law Office is the member of friends’ society of National Center of Manuscripts and by fulfilling the symbolic monthly financing it facilitates to protect and maintain the cultural heritage at the National Center of Manuscripts.

“Painted Gospel after 7 centuries”

kordzadze Law office is the participant of the project of National Center of Manuscripts “Painted Gospel after 7 centuries”. The aim of the project is to create the gospel in miniatures with the society’s participation.


The awards ceremony for “Georgian Calligraphy “

On 16 April 2014, the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection  in Georgian Calligraphy  awards ceremony was held. The event was attended by Minister of Culture and Guram Odisharia Protection of Monuments, Manuscripts. Director of the National Center for Buba Kudava, Our  bureau chief Mr. Kordzadze, Lecturer in the Academy Keti kavtaradze and other Invited guests. Ministry…



The manuscript of “Vepkhistkaosani” “Kordzadze Law Office” bought from private owner and handed it over to the National Center of Manuscripts.


Moqvi Gospel

Kordzadze Law Office took part in the charity auction aimed at saving the “Moqvi Gospel” kept at the National Center of Manuscripts. The head of Kordzadze Law Office purchased various items at the auction thus having taken part in saving the damaged gospel.